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ULD Marine Services PT, operating under the umbrella of ULD Logistics PT is a division specially dedicated to oil and gas companies or ship operators to represent their interests in facilitating ship arrival, crew clearance, loading, unloading and all general CIQ requirements.

In an increasing demand for total logistics services, ULD Marine Services PT also provides charters for cargo vessels, landing crafts (LCT), tugs and barges to tailor meet the special requirements of our customers.

In the time constraint oil and gas industry where each day is vital to the completion of a project, we are confident in meeting the rigid demands for timely delivery of our customers’ shipments.

Every project in the oil and gas industry requires the utmost attention to logistical details.  We are aware through our years of experience, that different types of materials will require different handling methods.

Our experienced and competent staffs are at your service 24 hours a day, all year around